The showbiz nickname of actress Gloria Pall when she played TV siren “Voluptua” (aka, “The Midnight Morsel”), a sizzling, sexy but short-lived sensation seen on late night Los Angeles television in the 1950s.


Voluptua was a buxom blonde (Size 42-C Bra) hired by executive producer Hunt Stromberg, Jr. to act as hostess of “Voluptua and the Love Movies,” a series of “B” romantic movies broadcast on Channel 7 in Hollywood beginning in December, 1954.

With a heart-shaped mole adorning her cheek, Voluptua laid near a round satin couch and gold telephone and greeted her late night viewers (mostly male) with her sexy opening line: “Welcome to my boudoir.”

Continuing her seductive delivery, she urged her audience to “Take off your coat, ties…anything you want to take off. Just be comfortable.”

By the end of the program, Voluptua would be suggestively dressed in a necktie and a pair of man’s pajamas, bidding her audience goodnight by kissing the camera lens.

Unfortunately, her video flirting aggravated a number of jealous wives and angry church groups who petitioned the ABC affiliate to “can” the curvaceous cutey.

When the FCC threatened to cancel the station’s license, they took Voluptua off the air after only seven weeks. But while she lasted. Va-va-va-voom!

Voluptua’s earlier career credits included Miss Flatbush of 1947; a pinup model in the magazines Gala, Pix, and Man to Man; and “Miss Cleavage” by Stars & Stripes magazine.

After her TV show went off the air, Gloria Pall worked as a model, and got bit parts in TV series like a girl at the bar on TWILIGHT ZONE episode “And When the Sky Was Opened”.


Gloria Pall as Sugar Torch in a film The Crimson Kimono (1959)

She also appeared in the movies with film stars like Shirley Jones (Elmer Gantry), Kirk Douglas (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), Robert Mitchum (Night of the Hunter), and Elvis Presley (Jailhouse Rock).

Back in the day, Gloria Pall was considered by some to be a poor-man’s Jayne Mansfield (who was a poor man’s Marilyn Monroe).

In 1959, Gloria Pall began a real-estate career and in 1962 she opened a Lavender Real Estate office on Sunset Strip, attracting such celebrity clients as Howard Hughes (whom she dated). She continued to work in real estate for more than  50 years. The sign on her office read: “Call Pall.”

Gloria Pall also self-published books under Showgirl Press, including:

  • Voluptua: Story of a TV Love Goddess (1992)
  • Cameo Girl of the 50’s (1993)
  • I Danced Before the King (2000)
  • The Marilyn Monroe Party (2002)

Born on July 15, 1927 in Brooklyn, New York, Gloria Pall, aka, “Voluptua” died of heart failure on December 30, 2012 in Burbank, California. She was 85.

Note: In the early 1950s, Gloria Pall played the role of Moon Girl, the statuesque blond assistant of an evil Ruler on the sci-fi series COMMANDO CODY, SKY MARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSE/NBC/1955. She appeared in 8 episodes.


Rare still shots of Gloria Pall as Moon Girl on the sci-fi series COMMANDO CODY

Gloria Pall also appeared as Zamba in three episodes during the 1954 season of sci-fi series SPACE PATROL/ABC/1950-1955.


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