A reference to one of the many nicknames given to Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill), the reluctant black partner of Shawn Spencer (James Roday) on the detective comedy PSYCH/USA/2006-2014.


Shawn and Gus have been friends since childhood. As adults, they joined forces to form a detective agency called ‘Psych,’ so named because of Shawn’s uncanny ability to see things at a crime scene that others don’t. It’s as if he’s psychic, but he’s really not; he’s just very observant.

During their many cases, Shaun referred to Gus (a pharmaceutical sales rep) by a number of silly nicknames. Here are just a few:

  • Chocolate Columbo
  • Felicia Fancybottom
  • Galileo Humpkins
  • Gus “Silly-Pants” Jackson
  • Lavender Gooms
  • Longbranch Pennywhistle
  • MagicHead
  • Ovaltine Jenkins
  • Santos
  • Shutterfly Simmons
  • Spellmaster
  • Squirts MacIntosh
  • SuperSniffer
  • Weepy Boy

Shawn Spencer also had a few nicknames, including:

  • Capt. Crunch
  • Chief Inspector
  • The Amazing Psychman

See also –  Psych Wiki – List of Gus Nicknames


Born in Philadelphia, Jerome Alphonse Holst worked 30 years as a librarian. He has since retired and lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. Mr. Holst is also the author of the children’s books “Norman the Troll,” "Norman the Troll and the Haunted House," and "Gretchen and the Gremlins." In addition, he penned the fantasy novel “The Adventures of Glinda Gale,” a retelling of “The Wizard of Oz" and the reference text “The Encyclopedia of Movie and TV Insults.” .

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