Captain Scarlet

The alias of Paul Metcalfe who works for Spectrum, a futuristic organization on the marionette sci-fi series CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS/SYN/1967.


Born December 17, 2036, Paul Metcalfe (aka, “Captain Scarlet”) has black hair and blue eyes, and hails from Winchester in Hampshire, England.

“The Mysterons, sworn enemies of Earth, possessing the ability to recreate an exact likeness of an object or person…but first they must destroy. [cat howls, gun fires] Leading the fight, one man fate has made indestructible. His name…CAPTAIN SCARLET!” 

When Captain Scarlet died in a car crash, the Mysterons used Retrometabolism to reconstruct his body and turn him into an assassin. But their plan fails and Scarlet is shot and falls 800 feet to his death. But Scarlet survives the fall, and consequently is no longer under the control of the Mysterons. However, he retains all the powers given to him by his enemy. Now Scarlet uses his new found abilities to thwart the Martian threat to earth as an agent of Spectrum.

The operatives at Spectrum (named after the colors of the spectrum) were:

  • Colonel White (Born In England)
  • Captain Scarlet (Born in England)
  • Captain Grey (Born in Chicago)
  • Captain Ochre (Born In America)
  • Captain Blue (Born in Boston)
  • Captain Magenta (Born in Ireland)
  • Lieutenant Green (Born in Trinidad)

Captain Gray, the commander of the submarine Stingray and Lieutenant Green were members of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol who assisted Spectrum in its battle against the Mysterons from under the sea.

Spectrum’s defenses also supports Cloudbase, a floating platform that hovers above Earth’s surface. It houses a fighter squadron of all-female pilots called “The Angels” including:

  • Destiny Angel (born in Paris, France)
  • Symphony Angel (born in Cedar Rapid, Iowa)
  • Melody Angel (born in Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Rhapsody Angel (born in Chelsea, England)
  • Harmony Angel (born in Tokyo, Japan)

Theme Song Lyrics

Captain Scarlet,
He’s the one who knows the Mysteron Game,
And things that they plan.

Captain Scarlet,
To his Martian foes a dangerous name,
A superman.

They crash him, and his body may burn,
They smash him. But they know he’ll return,
To live again.

Captain Scarlet,
As the Angels are flying wing to wing,
Into the scene, Spectrum Is Green.

Note: Spectrum and Captain Scarlet later appeared on the computer-generated action series THE NEW CAPTAIN SCARLET/ITV/2005.


Born in Philadelphia, Jerome Alphonse Holst worked 30 years as a librarian. He has since retired and lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. Mr. Holst is also the author of the children’s books “Norman the Troll,” "Norman the Troll and the Haunted House," and "Gretchen and the Gremlins." In addition, he penned the fantasy novel “The Adventures of Glinda Gale,” a retelling of “The Wizard of Oz" and the reference text “The Encyclopedia of Movie and TV Insults.” .

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