Success in Hollywood brings money, limos, fancy parties and for the few, the ego trip of having people recognize them by their first name (for example, Elvis, Liz, Cher, Sammy or Barbara). But, if a person is not that lucky then maybe they’ll get a nickname that will carry a similar amount of notoriety.

Nicky Columbus: And that’s Stupid Dave.
Nora Wilde: “Stupid Dave”? I bet there’s a funny story behind that nickname.
Stupid Dave: Uh huh. I’m stupid!                  —The Naked Truth

This website chronicles celebrities and TV characters that have earned themselves memorable sobriquets, including:

  • Celebrity pseudonyms like Mr. Warmth [a.k.a. Don Rickles]
  • TV character nicknames like Venus Flytrap [a.k.a. Tim Reid]
  • Family or personal nicknames given to a celebrity by his relatives or friends like The Swamp Thing [a.k.a. Faith Ford]
  • Nicknames of flash in the pan news or media celebrities like Dr. Death [a.k.a. Dr. Kevorkian]
  • Alter egos of superheroes like Batman [a.k.a. Bruce Wayne].
  • …and more

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